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A new and innovative way to put those golf balls to work! FINALLY, a golf ball can be used for DEEP massage by therapists (perfect for a therapeutic “golfer’s massage”), as well as the average person for use on themselves for self-care on the go! An ingenious method of massage therapy for deep tissue work!
Tools for Therapists, Athletes and Anyone with Muscles!!
Can be used on horses too!

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TURN YOUR GOLF BALL INTO A HANDS-FREE DEEP TISSUE BACK MASSAGER! Massage those difficult-to-reach upper back muscles with a deep-penetrating golf ball — HANDS FREE. • In the office, on an airplane, in the car, it travels everywhere for effective pressure-point therapy ON THE GO. • Allows multi-tasking while in use • A unique, inexpensive gift for golfers or anyone Whennbsp;… [View Details]


KaddyBACK with BALL and FLAKSAK€ 16.99

THE ULTIMATE MASSAGE & THERAPY TOOLS! Ideal gift for anyone with muscles! One KaddyBACK in black corduroy with front and back pockets One Golf ball (with logo) One FLAXsak and a 12-panel instruction manual included. The FLAKsak is for HOT/COLD THERAPY: Replace one ball with the FLAXsak. To soothe aches and pains, HEAT FLAXsak innbsp;… [View Details]

SPAball Kaddy with Golf Ball

SPAball Kaddy with Golf Ball€ 14.99

Give a deep, therapeutic Golf Ball Massage while comfortably protecting your hand and controlling the ball. Also great to use on yourself or a partner.  Massaging your partner is wonderful, but let’s face it… your hands can get tired! The SPAball Kaddy allows the person doing the massaging to be able to apply deep pressure, withoutnbsp;… [View Details]