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Fleece Rug Supreme

Fleece Rug Supreme€ 200

Rug Fleece The Fleece Rug may be used both as a cooler, travel rug and in the stable during the warmer months of the year. This rug may be used to advantage prior to exercise/competition in order to warm up muscles beforehand, and following exercise/competition sessions in order to aid muscle recovery. This rug offersnbsp;… [View Details]

Hock Boot – Left

Hock Boot – Left€ 48

Hock Boot – Left – priced individually

Hock Boot – Right

Hock Boot – Right€ 48

Hock Boot – Right – priced individually

Knee Boot – Left

Knee Boot – Left€ 43

Knee Boot – Left – priced individually

Knee Boot – Right

Knee Boot – Right€ 43

Knee Boot – Right – priced individually

Mesh Rug

Mesh Rug€ 245

The Mesh Rug is a multifunctional product and extremely popular. We sell more Mesh Rugs than all our other horse rugs put together! During the summer months the Mesh Rug is the perfect blanket because of its optimal breathable qualities, thanks to the sturdy and very airy mesh that covers a layer of thin ceramicnbsp;… [View Details]