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NEW from USA! NT-Dry is the first ever “DRY” approach to unhealthy frogs and soles. It’s safe, natural formula is “dusted on” with a thin-tipped squeeze bottle, which provides excellent coverage of the unhealthy area. The ingredients have been ground into a fine powder. It coats the area of the infection just as flour coats and stays on your hands while baking. NT-Dry finds the damp, deep-in places that wet products can’t find. In fact, the developer asked: “Why put a “Wet” product on a “Wet” condition? Isn’t that counter-productive?”

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NT Dry

NT Dry€ 45

New from USA! NT Dry – Equine thrush treatment, also heel and frog maintenance. The first ever DRY anti-bacterial approach to healthy heels, frogs and soles! Natural – Fast – Easy – Clean! Apply in seconds! Bacteria hides in heel and frog cracks and crevices, use NT Dry to help close those cracks for good!nbsp;… [View Details]