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Seaweed Calmer for Greyhounds

Seaweed Calmer for Greyhounds€ 15

A calcified seaweed calmer feed supplement for greyhounds. This wholly natural product will also help as an aid to prevent and treat ulcers on the mucous membrane and digestive system.



Sid Flynn’s famous GARLIC SEAWEED for dogs is becoming the choice of dog owners and trainers for overall health and wellness, it will help to improve general well being and performance, enhance skin and coat, promote healthy gut and digestion, keep dogs calm, etc. Seaweeds are one of nature’s true wonder foods! They are onenbsp;… [View Details]


GARLIC SEAWEED for Equines€ 60

Now packaged in handy 8kg buckets! PLEASE INCLUDE A CONTACT NUMBER FOR COURIER WHEN ORDERING! Sid Flynn’s famous GARLIC SEAWEED for equines is becoming the choice of top riders and trainers including Bertram Allen, Billy Twomey, Laura Renwick, etc. Seaweeds are one of nature’s true wonder foods! They are one of the most nutritionally densenbsp;… [View Details]

EQUOMED Gelpacks

EQUOMED Gelpacks€ 90.00

Shaped, heavy duty gelpacks can be used with the Equomed Compression Boots or on their own with bandaging. Come in pairs, either Regular size or XL size.

Master Rein – an equine training aid that offers a consistent equal contact

Master Rein – an equine training aid that offers a consistent equal contact€ 49.00

It’s like having the perfect pair of hands!   Using a very simple pulley system that attaches to the horses saddle and bridle, the Master Rein creates a constant contact allowing your horse to move forward freely whilst keeping the Poll high and the nose in. It’s like having the perfect pair of hands! Whatevernbsp;… [View Details]


KaddyBACK with BALL and FLAKSAK€ 16.99

THE ULTIMATE MASSAGE & THERAPY TOOLS! Ideal gift for anyone with muscles! One KaddyBACK in black corduroy with front and back pockets One Golf ball (with logo) One FLAXsak and a 12-panel instruction manual included. The FLAKsak is for HOT/COLD THERAPY: Replace one ball with the FLAXsak. To soothe aches and pains, HEAT FLAXsak innbsp;… [View Details]



TURN YOUR GOLF BALL INTO A HANDS-FREE DEEP TISSUE BACK MASSAGER! Massage those difficult-to-reach upper back muscles with a deep-penetrating golf ball — HANDS FREE. • In the office, on an airplane, in the car, it travels everywhere for effective pressure-point therapy ON THE GO. • Allows multi-tasking while in use • A unique, inexpensive gift for golfers or anyone Whennbsp;… [View Details]

SPAball Kaddy with Golf Ball

SPAball Kaddy with Golf Ball€ 14.99

Give a deep, therapeutic Golf Ball Massage while comfortably protecting your hand and controlling the ball. Also great to use on yourself or a partner.  Massaging your partner is wonderful, but let’s face it… your hands can get tired! The SPAball Kaddy allows the person doing the massaging to be able to apply deep pressure, withoutnbsp;… [View Details]

Back on Track Dog Rug

Back on Track Dog Rug€ 62.00

Back on Track Dog rugs are both water resistant and breathable. They are lined with specialised Back on Track heat inducing ceramic fabric. The rugs are well fitting and adjustable with stomach and leg straps, with some adjustability also at the shoulders. There is a zipped opening for the tail and an opening at thenbsp;… [View Details]