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This page will contain information on our therapy and injury prevention products for the doggy world, both for well being and treating injuries, arthritis, skin conditions, etc.

Products and services include:

THOR LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY – for the most advanced technology and research in laser therapy. A quick, natural and very effective treatment for muscle/ligament strain, injury, inflammation, wounds, skin conditions, etc.

GARLIC SEAWEED for dogs – helps improve overall health, coat, mobility and digestive system. A purely natural product straight from the sea, with only natural garlic added. Available in 1kg. bags.

BACK ON TRACK DOG COVERS – with special ceramic fabric which reflects body heat as a low infrared wave. This in turn will effectively increase blood circulation and oxyginate cells. Ideal for stiff muscles, arthritis, injury and general well being of your dog.

Coming soon….NT CANINE – from America, this all-natural powder made from specialised clays, mineral salts and herbs, will get to the root cause of many skin complaints, including canker, ear irritations, hot spots and hair loss due to eczema by naturally extracting excess  moisture which is the breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. NT Canine is a light, fine powder which applies in seconds, no mess and simple to use. Safe to use on lactating and pregnant bitches.



















Greyhound rugs, dog rugs, leg wraps and beds.

All Back on Track dog rugs, bedding and leg wraps are made from our unique ceramic fabric which reflects the dogs own body heat back as a far infrared wave. This improves circulation, eases sore muscles and helps with injury and pain. All sizes… measure from collar to base of tail.

Also mesh rugs – ideal for shooting dogs for warmth and for drying off effectively.

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