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Equomed Compression Boots with Gelpacks – can be used for cold or warm treatment – € 190

Equomed  Compression Boots with Gelpacks – can be used for cold or warm treatment


The revolutionary ‘no mess’ treatment for horses using strong, durable shaped gel packs and an outer compression boot.

Warm or cold and compression in one smart application.

Benefits of Equomed dual hot and cold compression boots

  • Easy to use – Simple to apply and ready for use in minutes, any time, anywhere.
  • The complete therapy solution – hot or cold and compression in one smart application.
  • Reusable – Can be used over and over again.
  • Convenient – A ‘no mess’ method of icing horses
  • Reduces training stress – Can be used for rehabilitation or before and after strenuous exercise.

Available in:

– Tendon fetlock boots €190.00 per pair

– Hock boots €190.00 per pair

– Hoof boots €230.00 per pair

Skin soreness, strains to joints and tendons, heat stress and other stress related injuries are common within the equine sport. To help prevent, manage and treat horses with such ailments, Equomed has developed a revolutionary world-first compression boot with dual action possibilities of hot and cold therapy.

While the use of ice as manner of treatment is not new into the equine sports, the Lumark human sports technology in equine design eliminates the tedious and often messy problems associated with icing horses. No more time spent filling pockets with ice, big machines and complicated hoses.

These revolutionary cold compression boots are comfortable and non-restrictive to use and have convenient velcro straps for instant and easy fastening.

EQUOmed Tendon Boots. Already being used in Ireland by several trainers and show jumpers with great results, this product is a must-have for all competition yards.

One of the first clients to benefit from them, John Conroy, commented: “With my showjumpers and racehorses, I find the Equomed boots very good to cool down legs after hard track work or jumping. The compression really drives the cold deep into the legs and tendons and the results are very satisfactory.”

Horses are high performance athletes and those in competition, in particular, suffer from pains and strains just like us humans. These new boots are designed to specifically treat tendons and suspensory ligaments with the use of hot or cold fitted gel packs, made to last from high-quality materials. The addition of a compression sleeve accelerates the process, which suits the demands of a busy yard.

This form of therapy comes highly recommended by leading vets as one of the best designed therapy boots for post-exercise rehabilitation.


The cold therapy market for equine application is in a growing phase. The anti-doping regulations and the increase of number of expensive sport horses have raised the importance of any means, for helping performance and to reduce risk of injury.

The future growth in this segment is strongly driven by the international market for pre- and post-event therapy, prophylactic therapy, and rehabilitation.

Both cold and warm therapy has been proven to be a simple, effective an cost saving technique for managing sport horses, by shorting recovery time, by reducing secondary swellings, increasing blood flow, reducing muscle spasm as well as reducing pain. The compression therapy boot with non freezable gel from Equomed are second to none.


Post – Event stresses, soft tissue injuries, over-training, secondary concussion stresses to tendons, muscles and ligaments. Post surgical, pain relief and reduction in oedema after surgery or injury. Pain management and relief from acute and chronic pain .